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  1. I really need some help. I am going to a meeting to support a friend in Rhode Island. She has a son with high functioning autism . He is in high school and has been having extreme difficulty in going to school. My friend has a court heating in family court. I don't know all the details and I am not an advocate but I just want to know the best way to support a fellow parent 



    I  think I am going to reorganize my IEP paperwork. I have over 11 years off paperwork to put in chronological order  any tips wish me luck. 

  3. Hi just a general question I think I forgot but how do I  post a question to a group. I need a refresher 

  4. Thank you Christy McGuire. I am using equipped for reading success and toe by toe. I just started stride ahead. My school says they are going to offer tutoring services for English language arts and They still don't believe she needs district reading services but they will they will help with reading comprehension at this point. I will take what ever I can get
  5. Hi what is proportion funding  how does this apply to homeschooling and private school. I think it's related to child find. But what is it

  6.    how do you post a question to a club 

    1. Kristen


      I'm having trouble with this too🫣

    2. LadyDJ


      Thank you so much for asking this 🙂

    3. Janis


      Me too.....I am trying to post for the first time (I do not have Facebook), and need help navigating.

      If anyone has time for a few quick tips, my phone number is 310-849-8761.  Texts are great because little ears hear everything!

      But I am in a big pickle with lots to learn, legal deadlines, and total confusion about procedure (I do not have an advocate nor an attorney).  I have been doing this on my own as a single mom with twins through multiple districts in California.  I need help...but can offer help in some areas.  Just not technology!

      I'm extremely isolated (my family is all in PA) and could use a little hand holding or a shoulder right now. 

  7. Just curious how long are you supposed to keep iep paperwork I have papers from kindergarten my kid is in 11th grade how long do I keep it how do I organize it by year or by category. 

  8. I forgot to mention that I am homeschooling and I am using equipped for reading success and toe by toe I am hoping to start stride ahead I just don't know if the school should do something because she does have an iep
  9. I think it was a full evaluation they did speech and language testing gort5 wiat4 and the wisc5 she does have a dyslexia diagnosis and was recommended Wilson or og a few years ago but the school didn't agree but she hasn't made progress maybe if you want to help me look at the testing.
  10. Thank you I am trying to get an IEE but they won't do a neuropsych just the educational testing I am having a hard time finding someone who takes my insurance and state rate. She does have a dyslexia diagnosis and was recommended for Wilson or og.I will ask about RTI but I am homeschooling.
  11. How do I know if my high schooler really needs help with reading the school said no because gort5 was at about a 16 percentile to 14 percentile wiat4 pseudo decoding was like 21 percentile. But word reading fluency and reading comprehension was below 7th percentile wiat4 said the reading level was at about the 4th or 5th grade level. I do think most of the problems are with fluency and comprehension but should the school have provided a specialized reading program for this. It's just so hard to know with out being able to afford a advocate or anything.
  12. Some things I would add are 1 dyslexia doesn't just end at the end of the school day. It can effect other areas of life like talking to friends processing directions. 2 dyslexia does not just mean a complete inability to read even when they learn how to read they may still have trouble reading they may have read something more than once to understand they may only be able read things of high interest to them. They my have trouble understanding complicated text. 3 it can be emotional exhausting at times
  13. My teen says she doesn't know and isn't ready to think about it I think she might want to go to college but she doesn't know what she wants to do I am trying to encourage her to look at community College so that way she can get an idea of what she wants plus I don't think they have to take Sat to get in to community College.
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