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  1. First, I must say that A Day in Our Shoes has been my lifeline and enabled me to get IEE’s for both of my kiddos as well as compensatory services that have finally started. Unfortunately, our district, and SELPA in California are shameless. (Paid out $46 million to twins with special needs a few months ago). I’m strongly considering putting us all on a plane and moving back to Yardley, Pa so we can be with my mom. That would put my twins in middle school in the Pennsbury school district. If you have heard any reviews and are comfortable sharing, I would love to hear them. Or if there is a stand-out school or district in that area that you know of, please let me know. My twins have different needs but overall top priorities I’m seeking are: no tolerance for bullying, competence with SLD (written expression), social skills, and outside physical activity (games, soccer, basketball, etc.). My kiddos still have fine motor struggles but have always been exceptional with gross motor skills….one is a sponsored skateboarder. And the IEE for one kiddo found him to have math skills at college level, which qualifies him as twice exceptional here. Things are just so bad here that I am getting a home medical note to avoid truancy retaliation while figuring out where we should go. I greatly appreciate any recommendations, ideas or thoughts
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