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IEPs and 504 Plans

Please try and choose the most appropriate sub forum for your question. 

This entire section is only for families who are bound to the two main US Federal Laws: IDEA and Section 504.

If these statutes do not apply to you, please post in one of our "overseas friends" forums.

This is so that there is no confusion as we try to offer help and suggestions, thanks.


  1. IEP Questions

    Ask your IEP questions and share IEP tips here.

  2. 504 Plans

    Does your child have a 504 plan? Ask those questions here.

  3. Preschool Questions

    If your child is 3 years old, or transitioning from Early Intervention (0-3) services to the preschool IEP, please ask those questions here.

  4. Transition to Adulthood

    If your child is approaching transition age or graduation, please post your question here, even if it is not transition specific. 

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  6. Military Families and Americans Overseas/US Territories

    Many overseas families are still entitled to FAPE and bound to US laws like IDEA and Section 504. But, what the law says and what actually happens is not the same. If you are a military family overseas, or in a US territory like Guam, Puerto Rico, etc., this is your forum.

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