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5th year of high school


I need some assistance. I have a student whose parents are requesting a 5th year of high school. He is socially not ready to graduate next year. He has SDI in SEB and Org. The district is saying since he has the credits to graduate he is required to graduate regardless of what parents think. I agree with parents he isn't ready. Does anyone know of any case law, federal laws, or Washington State laws that might help?

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Ask them to show you where it says that. 🙄

A 13th year is used for a variety of things, including lots of non-credit stuff. The 13th and 14th year actually wasn't designed for delayed credit completion.


I'd start by asking for a vocational evaluation or other things that would warrant another year, and also what it's going to look like.


I strongly encourage everyone to take my transition workshop series, so you know how to effectively navigate this process.



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My child had enough credits to graduate but walked with their class & did a 5th year program at a college campus.  We are in PA - not WA.  I thought that this, per IDEA, would be an IEP team decision.  Since this would be a decision to be made a year from now, the family could maliciously comply with this supposed rule by dropping a required class where they are not eligible to graduate.

#9 says that students who have not met IEP transition goals can stay for extra time to meet the goals:  https://www.sbe.wa.gov/faqs/graduation  It also has an email for additional info.

I'd make sure the IEP has a transition goal that this student hasn't met a year from now so you have documentation showing that transition goals haven't been met.  My child's IEP was for social skills.  Is there a program that can address the goal?  Time is not SDI.

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