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  1. I have a client in MO who had an evaluation done on her 3 year old. He qualifies for an IEP under Autism. The school district is in the process of writing up the IEP. However, mom will not be sending her son to public school. After the IEP meeting, do we let the school know right then? If so, what is the process and what documents does mom need to sign for this? Mom wants the IEP in place in case the private school does not work out for her son.
  2. Thank you so much! This is great information. She has severe anxiety in the bathroom, so she takes a post it note to cover the automatic flush. At home, she struggles with wiping as well. She also has a condition where she can't also feel when she needs to void. So in the 504 plan, she is being told to go to the bathroom multiple times a day. The school will not give her an IEP and only 504. We are currently working on an IEE to get an IEP.
  3. If a kindergarten student is on a 504 plan with diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, & Anxiety and has troubles getting herself clean after a bowl movement, is the school required (hands on) to help her wipe? The school informed us the nurse can coach her but not physical help her. Is this true? Is there a law or some kind of documentation I can provide the school? This is in the state of MO. Thank you so much for your help.
  4. Okay, Great! Thank you!
  5. Can a family deny a triennial reevaluation? If not, what would be the next steps?
  6. Can a student be enrolled in school part time 2 days a week and receive aba therapy 3 days a week in MO? According to the school, they stated this can't happen.
  7. Thank you all for your responses. The child is high functioning autism and high anxiety, and we are fighting for an IEP. I observed the child in her classroom. She needs an IEP but since she is in kindergarten, they don't think she needs one since it's play based. Next year it will be clear to the school. She has struggles with pragmatic language, social/emotional skills, and sensory needs. I'm trying to figure out the next step. The school only did an observation on pragmatic language but no testing. The assessments the school did showed she was functioning at a kindergarten grade level. However, no input from the parents on the assessments. UGH!! Very frustrating how school do not know how to handle high functioning kiddos.
  8. Can language therapy be added to a 504 plan or does this need to be an IEP? This case is in Missouri.
  9. Unfortunately, the mom is having health problems and also wants to go back to school. Dad works full time. The family was moved here for a job so I don't think they have family here. Mom tried to hire someone to transport but she stated that has been a nightmare.
  10. Thank you all for your help. We are trying to get the school to provide transportation to ABA therapy at 1:00 each day but the school won't. I was trying to search all options to make this happen. I don't think we can win this unfortunately.
  11. This kiddo is severely disabled so I’m not worried about the curriculum. We are more concerned about life skills, being able to write his name, using his AAC device, correct behaviors, etc.
  12. What are the pros and cons of enrolling a special education student part time to attend ABA therapy? Also, is it easy to move them back to full time in a couple years once they graduate out of ABA therapy. This is a 3rd grader in Missouri. Thanks for all your help in advance. Christi
  13. Christi Blunt


    What is the best way to prove FAPE for a child who needs ABA therapy? The school will not provide transportation at 1:00 pm from school to ABA therapy. The school states FAPE is being provided but the pediatrician, myself (advocate), BCBA, and mom do not agree. UGH!! And this is in Missouri. Thank you so much in advance.
  14. I have not but I will check out the link. This is sooooo helpful and grateful for you! Thank you!!
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