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Transition programs in Chester County Area

Beth C


Not sure if this if your intended purpose for this space. So this is sort of a test and for real...

Trying to find out more about grade 13&14/Transition programs for a student with ID/slow processing and autism and adhd. FYI-The student works 3 hrs a week as a support server at a restaurant washing barware, serves water, dinner plates, cleans up, etc. The student needs some employment support and some reminders/check-ins to complete tasks. 

Did you focus on Daily Life Skills/Independence, academics, pre-employability skills, vocation training, social skills, self-advocacy? What HS program/school did you like or not like?


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I would start with the CCIU. And there's another place in Downingtown, the name escapes me right now....but they only take in transition aged students, it is a private placement I believe.



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As part of her IEP, my daughter had CCIU's Discover program 1X per week.  This put her in a volunteer job with a job coach.  Not sure if your district is willing to do this as the job coach is paid by the hour by your school district. The job coach also drove them to their job.  My daughter did a bunch of things as she had this in 11th & 12th as well as 13th when she was in the CCIU Aspire program.

Right now, OVR has extra funds and is willing to work with younger students.  Have you registered your child with them?  It's the Norristown office unless the disability is blindness & then it's the Philly office of OVR.

My daughter's IEP identified ADHD, autism & gifted so what your child needs might be different from what she needed.  She also did a summer at the CCIU TLP.  My neighbor's son has autism & ID and did that for a year.  I think they do Discover with the TLP.

(I'm just figuring out how to navigate this forum.  This is why my reply is so late.)

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