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Denying a meeting



We had our annual meeting about 2 months ago. My son has trouble transitioning to speech therapy. He doesn't like the provider. I offered a number of suggestions to meet him where he's at and to work on building a positive relationship. She responded that from now on, she'll just be having behavior support staff transition him down to her room.


I requested a meeting with the IEP team to discuss. My suggestions were ignored, her email was dismissive and basically said she would just be washing her hands of trying to build a relationship with him.


The building principal just emailed me denying my request to meet. Can they deny my request to meet? What are my options?

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When you requested an IEP meeting, did you share your concerns re: the SLP with the principal? If so, and if they're disregarding your concern and refusing to meet, you can consider your procedural safeguard options. Different states have different time requirements for the amount of time that can pass from when an IEP meeting is requested until one is held (see https://adayinourshoes.com/emergency-iep-meeting/). What reasoning did the principal give for refusing to meet?


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