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What do you do when you have an iep team member who doesn't want to teach your child?



My daughter was a late talker as a baby. Then in Kinder, she was already struggling in school. I had her privately tested, and she showed signs & symptoms of dyslexia. In first grade, we did the school testing, and she was given an IEP under SLD and OHI for attention. She had an excellent case manager from 1st through mid-4th grade. During 4th grade, she was given to another case manager and also had her triennial. Her triennial iep testing showed the same learning issues, but the OHI was removed because she is now on ADHD meds, so they said attention issues are not affecting the school day. The new case manager took away all her push-in support (she was getting 300 mins of writing, reading, and math support) and left only 90 minutes a week of pull-out reading. I was totally against the removal of writing & math support. I told them all my concerns, but they were adamant that she was working at grade level. They supplied me with work samples to prove she was working at grade level and would not budge. Fast forward to now 5th grade, she is, of course, struggling with writing and math (and executive function). She has a wonderful classroom teacher who is working with her. Her teacher helps her with math at recess and after school. She is totally going above and beyond.  And I know that her classroom teacher would back me up if I asked for her to be re-evaluated for math and writing, but my concern is that the ed specialist (her case manager) only wants to do the bare minimum with her, and I don't know what to do about it. Even during her pull out reading the things they are working on seems more like busy work than specialized academic instruction. So even if I fight for more SAI minutes, I don't think this teacher will be effective because she doesn't want to teach my child and gaslights me, saying that everything is fine. I know that her IEP is not working for her, but I don't know what my next move should be. Next year my daughter will be moving to the middle school and will not have this same case manager. Should I push for more now or wait until her middle school transition meeting? What do you do when you have an iep team member who doesn't want to teach your child?

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