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Grammatical Errors on Tests



I am filing a state complaint in GA on behalf of my daughter. She has an IEP. I discovered grammatical errors on a test and there was a test question in math that didn't list the correct answer as one of the answer choices. I don't believe this is a one off situation. The administration at the school disregarded my concerns. My daughter has comprehension issues. What law does this violate? How do I include this in my complaint?

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It is "best practices" to have the correct answer as one of the choices on a multiple choice test as well as using proper grammar.  This isn't IEP/special ed related so something that wouldn't go on a state complaint.  This would be something to make the school board aware of since they OK the hiring (and firing) of school personnel.  (I'd write to them rather than speaking out about this at a public meeting.  If you did talk at a meeting, I wouldn't mention the teacher by name.)  If this happens often enough, IMO, it's evidence that this teacher isn't qualified for their job.  Not sure about requesting HR put something in the teacher's file that they are making up tests where the student cannot answer them correctly.  Definitely make a copy of these sorts of things so you have evidence that the teacher isn't teaching things the right way.

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