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Moving districts during preschool



I have a preschooler with an IEP in our current district in California. We are planning to move within a few months to another neighboring school district (supposed to be with better inclusion practices and better schools). I would like to know what to expect once we move:

1. Will the new school district immediately place him in their preschool program or will they evaluate him again for eligibility and he will have a break in school while they evaluate?

2. My child currently has 3.5hrs school, 5 days a week with 3 hours out of the 3.5 hours spent in a general education state preschool classroom and last half hour in special education, everyday. The new school district has a preschool program that is 3hours each day for 4 days only. Does this mean we will lose the extra time of preschool he is currently getting?  

3. Could the placement of my child be changed when we move? He is currently has inclusion (see #2) but what happens if the new district's general education preschool classroom is at capacity? Can they place him in a more restrictive special education classroom?

4. What changes can we expect in IEP when we move to new district? In general are there anything in IDEA about this?

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This is something that varies by state, as preschool is not required. I'd look at the CA state regs, ask your current case mgr or team leader and hopefully one of the CA advocates will chime in.


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