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Issues with private school and athletics


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This is something I have not been able to find information tied to anywhere. If there is, please direct me to the information. 🙂

A little background information tied to our situation I think will help: 

Our son is extremely intelligent yet suffers from processing speed issues in certain areas. Personality-wise he tends to view everything as black and white. He is extremely athletic as well and has a 3.8 GPA. He is 16 years old and has had an IEP/ISP in place since he was 11. Overall, it has allowed him the extra time he needs when doing certain things. This year we have run into major issues tied to sports. During the first two years in high school, he was able to get all of his school work done and play JV football with increasing snaps playing Varsity.  This year, the coach told him he needed him to play JV and Varsity again (meaning play two football games a week). My son told him that he would go to whatever JV games he could due to the fact he is taking a college class (these games are played in the middle of the week). He said he could play every Varsity game they needed him to. The average, non-challenged kid in the chemistry class studies for that class for about 2-3 hours a night. It should be noted, that this class is offered at his high school. It is not just some class he is taking on his own. A week comes up that he can not go due to all of the homework, so he is unable to attend the JV game. His coach then kicks him off of both JV and Varsity. The coach also tells him that he's selfish and not there for the team. My son tried to be proactive in telling the coach about the issues.  It specifically says in his IEP that he gets extremely exhausted more quickly than the average student, but he needs to be given opportunities to be a kid and that football and taekwondo are great outlets for him. To me, it seems like he is being punished for his learning issues. He takes both school and football very seriously. What is even crazier is that colleges are recruiting him to play football! They do not see it as a deterrent. I would like to clarify these are like top 100 colleges academically. Does anyone have any experience with situations like this? What do people think are options to handle this?  Thanks for any help in advance! 

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So sorry he is dealing with this. High school football is closer to business and you can't regulate through an IEP.


I think it was a mistake to say, "I can play varsity, but we'll see about JV."  That wasn't his call and probably got some animosity from the coach before this even happened. It was a privelege to be pulled up when he is still JV eligible, and it looks like he didn't recognize that.


At this point, I would go with him and ask to have a sit down with a principal and the coach. You need to be there along with his other parent if possible, and your son needs to appologize (I know, but if wants back on the football squad, he needs to get back on the coach's good side.) Then, he may able to ask to please be put back on the JV squad. Say, "Varsity is too much with academics."  

Sorry, I know that's not what feels fair, but if he wants to play, I think that's his path.



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You can try going up the chain of command with sports.  At the HS level, there is an oversight agency.  Not sure if he broke a rule with them.  An IEP cannot help if this is the situation.  It might have been better if he quit JV since this is the one with the conflict.

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