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Discharge from speech



School wants to discharge from speech stating all goals have been met which which, based on their internal testing child has which which based on their internal testing child has supposedly met those goals with perfect scores on screeners, but I had a private evaluation which found known speech issues to still be present but school dismissed the evaluation stating it wasn’t thorough enough. My concern is that in the home environment where her natural rate of speech is likely faster than that in the school building and also realizes she’s not under the same level of scrutiny. I still notice speech issues. Any 

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Unfortunately, schools don't have to follow the recommendations in an IEE (regardless of whether you requested an IEE at the district's expense after disagreeing with the school's eval, or whether you provided the district with a copy of an independent eval that you had done at your expense). Schools are only required to consider any educational impacts of an IEE (see https://adayinourshoes.com/iee-independent-education-evaluation/). If you disagree with the district, you will need to consider your procedural safeguard options

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