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Class observation policy and email response time



I requested for an observation in January and I was told the date will be finalized in January. On 6the January I sent a follow up email and I was told the program manager who would accompany me isn’t available for the whole month. I requested someone else to be with me on January 9th. I haven’t heard back anything and yesterday I was told they would respond by 4 pm yesterday. I haven’t heard anything yet. I feel like they are just wasting time. I also requested observation policy of district and I was told they don’t have any. How do I approach them more effectively ? 

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I write this a lot:  If the people in your child's school aren't giving you the answers you need, go up the chain of command.  If the GC is the person who escorts parents who are there to observe, can one from another building do this if the one in your child's building has no availability?  Is there another person (secretary, custodian) who can escort?

My SD has a policy that was written ~10 years ago.  Before that, they had no written policy on classroom observation.  Not all schools have run into issues where they decided they needed a written policy.

What I would do is come up with 3 dates & times that work for me and ask which one the school can accommodate me coming to observe.  (It's the flip side of 'presume competence' that goes with sp ed students where you assume the school is competent.  😉  )

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It's not clear from your post, are you the parent of the student or are you observing for another purpose like an evaluation? I would first advise you to put everything in writing if you are not already doing that. Creating a paper trail is so important.

Aside from that, I might approach this a different way. Classroom observations by parents (if that's what you are) are rarely as productive as we think they will be. Children tend to act completely different when we're around. I had to take a year off of helping in my son's classroom and attending parties because he would become so dysregulated having me there.

Lisa has a good article about classroom observation rules that might help guide you in your approach. https://adayinourshoes.com/can-parents-observe-classroom-iep/

Michigan mother of two with IEPs, and owner of MI Student Advocacy Services. Trying to change the world one IEP at a time. 





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Thank you so much. I apologize, I am a parent. Yes , I read her post. However my situation was little difficult as I have been waiting since about a month. They are not giving me the policy saying there’s none. I appreciate your response and the guidance. I have been documenting everything. 

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