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Tolerance Fading Memory


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How does this  present with ADHD combined? Are they often confused —like go to an audiologist and you’ll get the auditory processing Dx, but go to a nueropsych and you’ll get the ADHD Dx?  Does a language processing eval help to rule out tolerance fading memory or just help to see if other issues are also present? Can anything mask tolerance fading memory? Is it a 504 or IEP?

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What does the school feel is going on?  You start here if you're looking for help from the school.  If they say it's ADHD and they need special instruction, the student gets an IEP.  If they say accommodations are needed, they get a 504.  If the interventions don't work, you request an addition eval.  You don't always get it right the 1st time but both the 504 & IEP processes allow you to meet & tweak the support the student gets.

IMO, you need to start somewhere.  I've not heard of tolerance fading memory before reading it in your post.  I looked it up & found this:  A Tolerance Fading Memory Deficit is a secondary deficit and implies an inability to retain auditory information, which in turn affects the amount of information a person can handle at one time.  You can not be retaining what you hear for a few reasons.  1- You might not have been paying attention.  2- Your working memory is small & the info overwhelmed it.  3- Your hearing is bad and you really didn't hear it.  Anxiety can get in the way of being able to pay attention as can distractions.  If your child reads well, you can see about AT wher what's said is captioned for he where he can read & hear it at the same time.  Class notes can help too - might be better to have this before the class.  You can trial in accommodation to see if it works and keep what helps.  It's better to do something than ignore an issue in the hope it goes away.

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