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Lost IEP eligibility due to low IQ. Now what??

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Looking for guidance...I'm a working mom to a 6 year old who was a micro-preemie diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has documented learning delays, showing signs of dyslexia, recommended by teacher & special ed to discuss ADHD possibility with doctor (tested at "clinical concern" in school assessment related to attention).

Specifically, after receiving therapy services since she was 6 months old and early education starting at 3 years old, she is now in kindergarten and lost all therapies and special education instruction in December 2022. IEP was discontinued because annual review tested for IQ. The IQ and assessment tests were not 20 points apart (per Missouri requirements). Daughter's IQ is in the 70s so testing would require assessment scores under 50 to qualify. A "normal or average student" with an IQ of 100 (average) would qualify for IEP and Special Ed services at scores my daughter received (70-80) but she doesn't due to low IQ. Frustrated because she lost all 1-1 help. She is lost in group instruction. Classroom teacher is trying to help but finds it difficult to devote needed time to one student throughout the day. My daughter will continue to fall farther behind her peers if we don't find a solution. Teacher has documented my daughter has attention issues, behind peers and grade level for reading and writing, is lost during group instruction and doesn't advocate for self - will sit quietly and leave work blank, and she is starting to be bullied by students who are realizing she can be taken advantage of. Considering tutors, seeking additional diagnosis with doctors to see if can get any help through those avenues, or possibly homeschooling with a private instructor. Current public school is not providing any help with options now that she doesn't qualify for Special Ed services, it's only been suggested that she may be held back a year at Principal's discretion. I need ideas of what we can do so we can be pro-active to get her help. 

If there is anyone that has experienced this (losing IEP because of low IQ) or is a teacher and can chime in, please do. If you live in Missouri and have any insight I'd really appreciate your input.    Thank you!

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