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Transition age?



Hi, we are in NY.  My daughter is in 9th grade and will be 15 in a couple months.  Was she supposed to have a transition plan in her IEP this year?  I thought I just recently read that in NY, a plan is supposed to be in place during the year in which the student turns 15. 

The only thing her IEP says about the future is that she wants to be a singer . . . That is inaccurate.  She will not sing any more because she's gotten in trouble so much for singing when other people did not want her to.  She even dropped chorus back in 6th grade.  

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You are correct.  NY has 15 as their transition age.  This means that if she'll have her 15th birthday during the period covered by the IEP, the IEP should include transition info & goals.  Found this info here:  https://www.health.ny.gov/community/special_needs/services/transition.htm

If she wants to be a professional singer, she should probably take a class in school that includes singing.  Chorus sounds like a good class for this, but being in the school musical can also serve this purpose.  What skills is she lacking that might prevent her from reaching this goal?  She needs SDIs in this area so she can transition into this after she finishes school.  If she doesn't want to sing, what does she want to do?

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