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3 Year Reevaluation, denied eligibility



Can a school district deny eligibility if their own objective data shows that 2/3 IEP goals have not been met?  Their progress reporting admits that my son hasn't been given the opportunities to work on these goals, but they essentially dismissed the lack of meeting these goals by giving all these anecdotes about "what they're seeing" when denying eligibility.

Also--does anyone have the ability to provide a second opinion scoring of a WIAT III essay composition (word count and thematic organization SS)?  I'm just looking for a casual idea of what the SS would be from someone outside the district to help determine how hard I should push back on this.  They said that one of the teachers that looked at it would have graded the response as a C, so they called it "good enough" to deny eligibility despite an unmet writing goal.


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What do you meant by the school district "denied eligibility?"  Since he has an IEP, are you saying that they wanting to make a change in his eligibility status and exit him from services?  Under the IDEA, that can't be done without an evaluation.  Since the title in your question says "3 Year Reevaluation," I'm guessing this was done.  In that case, the data in the reevaluation would drive the eligibility question - not the progress monitoring alone.  What specifically are they referencing when they say "what they are seeing?"  Teacher observation, the data in the reevaluation, progress reporting?  They need to be looking at the data in the reevaluation.

As for the goals not being met, there are many things you can do in that instance (investigate why, provide additional accommodations to support the goals, rewrite the goals), but dropping services is certainly not one of them.  If he was eligible when these goals were drafted and they were deemed necessary by the IEP team, ask what has changed to make these same goals no longer necessary and him ineligible.

I haven't watched it, but there is a YouTube video on scoring the essay composition on the WIAT III.  There also appear to be some FAQ on the WIAT III on the Internet and a breakdown of its subtests.  Other than that, I'm afraid I don't know much about it.

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