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OHI - Adhd w/ School Avoidance




Hello, I enrolled my son back in school last Aug (9th gr) after 3 years of homeschooling.  The  high school did a reevaluation & a review of records from his 5th grade IEP and determined he is  eligible for services (OHI-Adhd).   The school did not do any assessments even though his triennial was technically over-due at that time.  It was a bit confusing process with him having a 3 year homeschool transition back to high school/public school.  I realize now that I should've pushed for new assessments back in Aug.   Yesterday, I requested assessments in all areas of suspected disability.  I just feel like we are constantly missing something.   He has struggled so much in public school since 2nd grade despite IEP's.  He is newly medicated (ADHD).  Would the school psychologist testing pick up a learning disability (specific learning disability) with these assessments?  I just feel like there is more going on & its always missed by the school?  

I'm also starting to see  a lot of school refusal patterns & even though he has a lot of support, accommodations, modification in the IEP, he is struggling  to complete assignments or even start his assignments.  He is not a self starter & does not complete assignments.  He has a lot of extra time to complete assignments, has modified assignment and no penalties for late assignments.  He failed Math (Foundations 1 ) his 1st semester.  He will have to take a credit recovery course this summer unfortunately.   His Math teacher has not attended any of his IEP meetings (we've had 3) and has yet to reply to any of my parent concern emails.   I mainly communicate with the Sped teacher & principal & other Gen Ed teachers.  Other than the Math teacher I feel they are very receptive to my concerns & helping my son. My son was being bullied on the bus this year & we have reported that to the principal.  It is being handled by administration thankfully.  My son went to the principal and reported the bullying.  I am so incredibly proud of him for speaking up.  

So for the last 2 to 3 weeks into a new semester he has completely stopped turning in assignments, or even trying.  He tells me he has a stomach ache, or sore throat at least twice a week. He complains he doesn't feel good at school.  He has been picked up early from school a few times but I am seeing a pattern.   

Thanks for reading.  Any suggestions with these assessments?  


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When you get the consent form for the assessment, make sure that "Academic Achievement" (or similar language) is checked.  The school psychologist won't label anything as a "specific learning disability," but his/her evaluation should show if your son is struggling in academic areas and to what extent.

You probably already have, but I would report the math teacher's lack of response to the principal.  Also, if you feel this teacher is not providing the required accommodations and modifications listed on the IEP, you need to call for an IEP meeting to address this (ask the team for his/her attendance at the meeting).

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