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who should request the IEP?

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Ive decided to retain an advocate/attorney after years of IEP's that have failed or failed to be followed. Ii don't know enough to do it myself and I finally figured that out. Right now I need to request an IEP meeting not just to change goals but because the BII in the current IEP hasn't been assigned nd there are so many other things te school is failing to follow through with. 

My question is...Should I write the IEP request with a parental concern letter and check off the box that I will be bringing an advocate with me or should I have her request the IEP. I don't want to be too aggressive but then again it's my failure to be aggressive that has my son not getting what he needs.



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Either is acceptable.  If you want to communicate through an advocate, you will need to sign paperwork that it's OK for the school to communicate with your advocate.  If you choose to bring a lawyer, the school will want their lawyer to be present.

When an IEP isn't followed, my suggestion is to file a state complaint.  I view the IEP as a contract to provide something in addition to what students in gen ed get.  If the school doesn't follow what they agreed to, the state dept of sp ed should be following up with them.

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