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In search of writing software for teenager

Teresa A


Hi, I'm preparing for my ASK for either writing software, instruction, scaffolding (or all 3) for my 14yr old incoming 9th grade who is having issues  in multiple areas of writing including essay writing (organization, expounding on ideas, complex sentences, syntax, grammar).  We have some tools in place (AT, Grammarly) already but he's been apprehensive to embrace.  As part of my ask, I'm looking for software (perhaps mind mapping software) that would help prompt him via like a text box like "enter in your topic sentence) then prompt for details and a conclusion.  Then allow him to hit a button and it combines into a paragraph form which his AT tools can be used to revise and grammar check etc.  Does anyone have any experience with a tool like this or any other writing tool they have found helpful?  

We have spent a lot of years and effort addressing the gaps in his basic reading skills while simultaneously working on his writing however I'm trying to be proactive as he heads into 9th grade.   We are currently going through an RR and this is one of the main areas of focus to discuss coming out of the RR but I will be prepared with an ask on how to work on his writing and this is will be part of my ask.  

Thanks so much. 

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Please keep us posted as my child could benefit from the technology you describe. My child's SETT unfortunately did not yield any useful results as they were struggling to even find a dictation system that might work. It seems like they were simply not familiar with the availability technology.

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