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Teacher told my child SDI for extra time was unfair




My Child recently took a test. As per the IEP my child was given extra time to complete the test. The teacher told my child that she was taking too long and that it was unfair for her to get extra time when other children without an IEP did not get as much time. She said she planned to talk with my Child's case manager about the extra time. 

I plan to write an email to this teacher so she is aware that her comment was not appropriate and unacceptable. What do you recommend I say in the email? Who else if anyone, should I copy on the email (such as Case manager, LEA, etc...)? If it makes a difference we are in PA. 

Also, is it appropriate for me to ask the special education department to make sure this teacher receives training to help her not make this type of mistake in the future. 

Thanks in advance for any guidance you may be able to offer. 


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I'd email the teacher stating that you understand she told your child it was unfair for them to get extra time to complete the test. This impacted your child by _____ (feeling sad about oneself, embarrassed, etc.). Remind the teacher that the IEP states that your child needs extra time due to ____ (disability) as it is an accommodation to help them access their education like their non disabled peers. I'd probably CC the principal and the special education case manager so they're aware and can provide training to the teacher.

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