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504 Extended Time



Are there any rules surrounding teachers allowing extended time? Does the test/quiz need to be a certain length of time? My child started with 150% extended time in middle school due to her Anxiety diagnosis. She is in HS now. We finished neuropsych testing last spring and due to her severe anxiety and ADHD double time was recommended (whenever there was a timed element to her test the score would drop 30-40%) and approved .  I have 2 questions 

My daughter had a quiz and after 15 minutes the teacher grabbed her paper. When I reached out to the teacher she said that 15 minute quizzes do not qualify for extended time. I couldn't find anything that supports that statement. Is that true?

My second question - my dayghter was approved for 150% extended time for the SAT but was denied the 200%. Is there a way to appeal that decision? Any guidance would be appreciated. TY

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As for your first question, it would depend somewhat on what the 504 language is.  Does it specifically say "tests and quizzes?"  Or does it say "assessments?"  Even if it says "assessments," an argument can be made that this includes quizzes.  It would also depend on the language in the neuropsych testing.  Does it limit the recommendation based on length of test/quiz?  Doubtful - her anxiety probably doesn't go away just because the assessment is shorter.

My suggestion would be to reach out to the 504 coordinator and tell her about the situation.  Not pointing fingers at or criticizing the teacher (yet) - just asking his/her opinion on the matter and what could be done.  The hope would be that he/she would reach out to the teacher and clarify/rectify the situation.  Also, the 504 Plan may need to be amended to specifically add quizzes.  If the school district is reluctant to do that, then you may need to reach out to the neuropsychologist and ask that he/she made an addition/clarification to the report that additional time pertains to all assessments regardless of length of time/questions.

As for your second question, I'm not that familiar with the SAT so maybe others will chime in.  But if I were you, I would try to talk to a person in SAT administration that deals with accommodation requests (or if this is difficult/impossible, use the "contact us" on their website).  Ask if there is a cutoff for the amount of extended time allowed.  If so and there are no exceptions, 150% is probably the best you're going to get.  If there is some wiggle room, ask what documentation would be needed to get her 200%.

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If your child need 2X time on all exams, tests, quizzes and/or assessments, ask the school to put this wording into the 504 in place of what is currently in the 504.

To get accommodations on the SAT (and PSAT & AP Exams - all the same company so you do it for one & you have it for all) you need to do 2 things.  1- Show that they have this accommodation by documenting what's on the 504 (or IEP) to the College Board.  In other words, you send them a copy of the 504.  2-  There needs to be a statement from the school saying your child uses the accommodation at school.  This is because students can have tons of accommodations listed but they only get the ones they use on the SAT.

I'm wondering if the school changed the 504 to 1.5X time.  Schools can do that but should document the change to the student & parent.  In your situation, the 1st thing I'd do is ask the school for a current copy of the 504...in case they didn't put 2X time on it.

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