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IEP ,behavior Ed, and criminal charges



My kiddo has an IEP ,is autistic and has ODD, and in behavior ed. He recently got charges for a fight in the bathroom. I belive they said like 11 kids were charged. My kid was allegedly (for legal purposes) involved. Apparently this kid had called him a fa**ot.  Anyway, the whole reason he is in behavior Ed is to avoid things like this. He had 3 days OSS. I belive this is his first OSS but has had ISS before. Now he's got an intake for probation. He's 15 and wants to be a police officer or join the military and I'm he's not going to be able to do what he wants to if he keeps getting in trouble. 

All of his grades are also failing. He feels like he can't make a comeback from that. I know they can't hold him back but how does that work as far as obtaining credits toward his h.s. diploma? Will he have to make them up? I know he can go til 21 if need be but I'm afraid once he's 18, he may drop out. He had a really good relationship with his behavior Ed teacher. We then added him an academic strategies class with this teacher everyday to help him catch up on missed work ( he missed alot due to a medical issue) and now his relationship with this teacher is in the toilet and my son won't work with him at all and just acts up with the other kids in this class now. He's clearly not getting the right support. I'm not sure where to start. 

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I'm not an attorney so I can't give any legal advice.

Has the school done a functional behavioral assessment? Is he on a behavior improvement plan? Does the school have BCBAs & RBTs on staff? What behavioral support is he getting in school?

What educational support did the school provide while he was out of school for a medical issue? How long has he been receiving failing grades? What's the IEP team's plan to help him improve his academic performance? You can request an IEP meeting as soon as possible. 

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