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Need help with Homework addition to 504



My son has ADHD Inattentive type. He is a smart kid and enjoys school. Or problem is homework. He will do the homework but he forgets to turn it in. He is failing ELA because of so many missing assignments. I have tried everything I can think of on my end to try to get him on a routine of turning in his work. The teacher does not ask for the assignments. Instead each student puts their homework in a bin at the front of the class every morning. My son gets easily distracted in the mornings and forgets to take his assignments to the front. The teacher is aware of the issue but doesn't seem to want to change the way she manages her class. Our doctor has suggested that we get something added to our 504. My question is...what do I add to the 504? What is an accommodation that will work to help him remember to turn in his work? I am so frustrated because his grades do not reflect how smart this kid is.

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Absolutely get something added to the 504.  He is not turning in his work because of his disability, so the school needs to provide an accommodation for that.  A very simple one would be that the classroom teacher must do a "check-in" each morning to see if he has any assignments to turn in.  If they have an aide in the classroom, that task could be assigned to him/her.  In any event, is doesn't matter that the teacher doesn't want to change the way she manages her class.  That's the whole point of an accommodation - a change/support put in place to help the student with a disability.  She doesn't really get a choice.

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