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Justifying 1:1 instruction for dyslexia vs least restrictive environment



Hello! My 3rd grade, 9 y/o son was diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia and disorder of written expression.  Neuropscyh recommended daily reading/writing intervention for 60 minutes, 5 days/week , "provided 1:1 or in a group of no more than 3 with students of similar ability", "using a structured literacy approach through a teacher/tutor highly experienced in working with children with dyslexia and certified in the chosen method to deliver it with fidelity. " Neuropscyh also recommended "continued services through the summer to prevent regression."   (These recommendations came as an IEE b/c I disagreed with the school's evaluation. I know the CSE is only required to "consider" the recs of neuropsych)

My son attends a small private school. The local district is offering their resource room. They use Wilson Fundations, but there are no certified teachers in the WRS.  Our principal visited and was told that the district has no dyslexic students in the district.  The CSE chair told another family with a 2nd grader diagnosed with the same things as my son, that they would never begin with tutoring at our school in order to pursue the "least restrictive environment."  I understand that LRE involves making program decisions about what services and supports a student needs to be successful and where and how those services and supports can be provided effectively.  "Least restrictive" seems to me receiving services at our school, rather than leave our environment and attend in a different classroom with unfamiliar students and teachers . Does that seem like a reasonable argument? 

The CSE chair seems to know very little about dyslexia and the recommended instruction methods.  How would you suggest that I advocate for: 1) a certified instructor to deliver structured literacy with fidelity 2)a small group of less than 3 or ideally 1:1 instruction 3) How have you advocated for tutoring as direct instruction  or a direct service?  What would instruction in a resource room be considered if it's not a direct service?)

Does the neuropsych recommendation for "services through the summer" qualify for extended school year?  If so, how do I ask for that?

So much to learn! Thanks for your help.



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