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Monthly updates From service providers





I would like to check if anyone every requested for monthly updates from service providers like speech and OT? 

I did last year. I was actively involved in the IEP process, asking questions and discuss. Soon after I received an email from administrator that they are asking me and all the IEP team to copy all the members any time they communicate to us. This all makes me feel if I did something wrong by asking them to provide regular updates and by asking questions. 

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Everyone in school is spread thin so I think they wanted to to try to get you to be creating less work for the therapists.  IDEA does require progress monitoring.  In my state, these are done when report cards come out.  If you feel you need info more often, you can ask for an IEP meeting & request more frequent progress reports s an accommodation.  You'll need to justify why you need this more often than other parents.  You can also request parent training so you can better assist your child at home with the speech & OT she gets at school.

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