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Placement: Self Contained / Inclusion



Hoping you all can help me…. 
We are currently in a developmental delayed free standing preschool (paying privately), my son is currently in a self-contained program within the school.

We are moving to the county this school is in and the IEP that was created within the same state -different county most likely will be transferred over with little or no issues.  We are seeking a more inclusion classroom next this next school year.

School currently says that they don’t have any openings at the moment in an inclusion classroom.  

wondering if anyone has a generated a letter that they might share that I can send to the administrators with requesting formally…


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Just to clarify, you are currently in a private pre-school and it is this same private pre-school that says there are no openings in an inclusive classroom for the next school year?  If they are saying this to all students who are asking for a place in the inclusive classroom, I'm not sure there is anything you can do about that given it's a private school.  But this is SO not my area of expertise, so if anyone else has ideas, please share.

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As Carolyn mentioned, if you could please provide more details on the current school setting and the setting you intend for next year, that would be helpful. Is your child attending a school primarily for those with developmental disabilities under a scholarship program- and therefore was placed there at parent choice waiving FAPE? Or, did your local public school place your child in this program on an out-of-district placement at public expense- where FAPE would still be required?

Will your child be in PreK again next year, or in Kindergarten? Are there typical peer models in some of the PreK and/or Kindergarten classrooms at the school?

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