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Need help in wording compensatory request



Oh this will be lengthy, my apologies ...

Background:  16 yr old son is a Junior who is twice exceptional, he has hearing impairment (microtia and atresia in right ear  and type 1 diabetes)

I need help in wording a request for compensatory instruction ,one-on-one tutoring? and instruction esp. , repition and practice starting with his difficulty in subtracting, I mean yes that far behind. He gets anxious because of his experience with a terrible teacher( I mean evil) would put timer on his desk when it was written in his iep to be given more time and more instruction on on one  ( which she was mad about so they conspired to take him off of iep and put give him a 504  without telling me . I didnt even know for almost an entire year and a half because they kept rescheduling meeting dates, falsified documents and dates and forged signatures of mine on many documents also..

None of which was even addressed during due process or discovery because the time limit was up by the time we went for a hearing we traded for academic remediation. my child at the time  even wrote on his homework paper he wanted to kill himself . I had to let it go for what was obtainable and what attorney thought we would get for him. I hate bargaining. I apologize for my anger and harse words.

My son had ifsp then iep was taken off his iep illegally without following proper procedure I tried myself for 2 years to get him back on one and eventually had to hire an attorney now he is back on one. We were awarded remedial tutoring but by this time he was f0ur years behind in math ( horrible teacher in 4th grade, teacher bullying  and refusing to provide accommodations  and help with hearing aid and diabetes management and school nurse refusing to provide diabetes support and discrimination  from faculty among his anxiety they created )( they suspended him 5 times from elementary school and was expelled once in elementary also and he is a loving kind child ( that i taught to protect himself) coupled with covid  and him still being bullied by peers  he is currently still behind 4 years in math skills.  he was awarded 2 hours per week and nearly everytime tutors would show up late. Too little too late  to be effective.

I have all evals and assessments to current 2 days ago and still shows no improvement, they refuse to include goals and objectives and say he is doing fine . I am sooo mad I could spit he will be a senior next year . He never completed his tutoring hours because of covid  it was online for awhile but was not effective as there was no real instruction going on. The tutor would do the work for him. Since the tutoring was awarded through the hearing , I had to win this for him begrudgingly from the SELPA and school dist.  I am unsure if I need to retain an attorney again or not since it was an award?? that wasn't helpful in getting him caught up -it didnt work . So do I have any recourse on that merit or should I start from the beginning or start new in my request??  Its time critical now he is a senior next year.

 I need help requesting this compensatory services to get him caught up, I am afraid I am too emotional  and scattered by rage to properly request this.  I am also creating goals and objectives I will be asking them to include in the IEP in an amendment meeting as they ran out of time and hadn't even suggested goals or objectives at the annual meeting 2 days ago. I feel the disservice has been going on so long and my lack of skills in winning or trading , bargaining is not going to be able to get this for him.

 Thank you for any help/ advice,

 Karen Franklin


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