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Request for clarificaton on vague wording?



We are 10 months into our IEP.  Fought to get evaluations and my mom hunch was correct, My Daughter (5th grade) was diagnosed with several specific learning and visual challenges.

On her list of accommodations/modifications, it reads "Setting" - Frequency - Individual Testing for tests, State tests (SOLS) - she gets verbal testing. Last year, all of her tests (classroom or SOL) were done in a different room typically with the special education teacher or a para-professional.   This year, her computer has a "reader" added to it and she just puts headphones on but she is taking the tests in the classroom and gets incredibly anxious when others/most of the class finishes before her.  When I read the accommodations/modification it seems that individual testing does not mean classroom testing.  Am I wrong? If she should be getting these tests done individually should I proceed with an email to the teacher and special education so it is documented? DO I wait until parent/teacher conferences? Should I request that the special education teacher be in parent-teacher conferences?

Thanks for your insight and assistance.



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Hi! If all the IEP says is "test read to her", then using the computer reader does count. Now, that doesn't mean that you accept this situation. I would start by emailing both the spec ed teacher and the classroom, and nicely explain that you feel that the IEP needs to be updated. Explain that she is developing anxiety because of taking longer. Suggest that her IEP be amended to state that she tests in a private setting. 

In my opinion, getting the extra independence of the computer reader is a good thing. Children with SLD should be working independently using tools. If she's having anxiety, I would concentrate on getting that resolved.   I hope that makes sense with your situation.


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If the old way of doing the accommodation helped because she couldn't see that others had finished maybe you need to request a no-meet revision for testing in small group.  She had it before but it was more of a side-effect to having things read to her.  Don't wait.  Do it now & do it with a paper trail.

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