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I have a son in 8th grade he will be 15 this month he has Tourettes,  ADHD, Anxiety. He has had a IEP sense he was in elementary and sense 6th grade we have had to visit the school multiple times to make sure the teachers are following the IEP. Junior high has not been easy and this 4th quarter he has been failing 4 classes sense it started. I've contact the principal, teachers, his intervention teacher. The principal said he would look into it, the teachers just continue to tell me what I already know he has a hard time focusing, he dont stay on task, zones out when doing work and the intervention teacher never got back with me. So I dont understand what there doing to help him do better. He's telling me that he's doing the work in class but he gets low grades on alot of his work and when he ask to go to the invention teacher they have been telling him he cant but the teachers are telling us different things. We have caught the teachers not doing what there suppose to in the past. So that's why I question if the teachers are actually following the IEP. Not sure what else to do. Is it OK that a child on a IEP is failing so many classes? No one seems to be worried about how much of a change has happened in this last quarter. Just hoping for some help I feel like the higher the grade the more traumatic school is for him and he also plays sports so if he can't get his grades up it will be another disappointment because sports is something he loves.


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As kids grow & change, the support they need from their IEP might need to change too.  Since the current IEP is preventing him from passing his classes, it makes sense to request an IEP meeting to tweak the support he gets so he can pass his classes.  And hold the principal accountable.  If they said they'd follow up on things, send an email and ask what they think needs to be done to help.  What's going on with the lack of focus?  Is it the material where it's too hard (or too easy)?  If it's too hard, he might need to be pre taught so it is easier.  It the zoning out an absent seizure where he's got a medical issue going on?  If they touch his shoulder (and I know that teachers don't generally put hands on students - my suggestion is a touch to redirect) does he respond?

I'd say it's not OK for ANY student to be failing several classes.  Something different needs to be done.  It could be simply implementing the current IEP to what it says to do or he could need more than what the IEP says to do.  The squeaky wheel get the grease.  Squeak to get your child what they need.  With sports, it's the state HS sport association that requires passing grades so it cannot be accommodated through the IEP process.  The school needs to help him so he can continue to do sports.

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I also suggest in these middle and high school situations that the parent schedule an informal meeting or phone call with each teacher just to make sure they understand and are aware of the accommodations.  And when he receives anything less than a C in class, make sure you understand the reason.  If you don't, reach out to the teacher and ask.  If the reason is something that can be tweaked in the IEP, then call a meeting or ask for a non-meeting amendment to the IEP document.

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