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Math accommodations?




Our daughter has an IEP for a physical disability and has executive function concerns. Math has always been a struggle. This year we had them address math more in the IEP due to the extreme struggle she had with math IXL's/assignments in 5th grade to help in 6th. She was at risk in her 5th grade MCA state test.

They did title 1 and we were able to get them to do where she can stop after an hour if still struggling (but this was hard to get them to do that). 

She just had the 6th grade state standardized testing for math (MCA) again. She did not meet goals (so worse now). She is continuously getting c, c-,D, and F in the class. I feel she needs more assistance with this at school, but I know there will be push back.

Looking at next year done  (only 2 weeks left of school now)--Is there more that can be addressed and put in the IEP? Modifications? Or am I thinking to much on this...


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There is definitely more that can be done besides the one accommodation you listed (stop after one hour if struggling).  And this isn't even a good accommodation because it does not help her access the general education setting in any way.  Usually accommodations like this are written "after mastery, the student can have shortened assignments."  This just lets her stop without ensuring that she has learned the material.

It sounds like she need specialized instruction.  Has she been assessed in the area of academics?  If not, have you asked for an evaluation in this area?  The standardized testing and grades should be enough to get the school to do something, but that doesn't appear to be the case.  The school district can either do an evaluation or decline to; in either scenario, that allows you to then ask for an Independent Educational Evaluation (unless, of course, the school gives your daughter what she is entitled to after their evaluation).  An IEE should set forth the type of specialized instruction needed and suggested accommodations.  Ask for the evaluation ASAP and make sure the consent form is sent to you ASAP, because the date you sign consent is the date that starts the 60 time frame.  Unfortunately, in most states this is 60 SCHOOL days, so you are already looking at next fall before they have to do anything.

In the meantime, use the executive function "concerns" (do you have any data on this area? do you need to ask for an evaluation in this area?) to get as many accommodations in for math that you can - multi-step problems broken down or even written out for her, calculator, etc.  Check out Lisa's website for suggested accommodations for executive functioning and see which ones might work for her struggles with math.

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I'm in PA and the 60 days are calendar days but summer break doesn't count.  Some schools will do evals over the summer - depends if they have staff who can do this.  (My district adds 5 days to the contract of their school psychologists so they can be called to do some evals over the summer w/o it costing extra to the district.)

Would your daughter be willing to work on learning math over the summer?  There are programs like KhanAcademy that are free & do a great job with math.  Look at accommodations before doing modifications.  With modifications, your child might nor be eligible for a HS diploma and that can close doors with what happens after HS graduation.

Lots of schools don't provide direct & explicit instruction in math on the fundamentals - especially in 5th grade.  If a lack of a strong math foundation is the problem, building that foundation over the summer can help set her up for success next year.

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