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Can I request a re-eval for just Math?



Hi all,

My 5th grader qualified for an IEP 2 years ago due to severe anxiety. The first year, she only had two goals, both of which focused on coping strategies and self-advocacy. She had no academic goals. Prior to her IEP meeting last year, she was diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder, as well as Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The team could see that 4th grade was a big jump for her and her executive functioning wasn't there, so they added a goal for that. Meanwhile, throughout all these years, I often express concern over Math. She did not qualify for any services or accommodations for Math, but she struggles. I finally was able to get her into a Math group so she gets pulled out of class for extra help every day. However, her STAR score in September was below average, she is extremely averse to learning Math and is starting Middle school next year. 

My questions are:

1) Can I ask for a re-eval just for Math this year, even though she is up for her 3 year re-eval next Fall? 

2) Is that what I should do, or should I just wait it out, keep on top of it this year as much as I can and see how the re-eval goes next year? This option worries me, as she could fall way behind during this critical year before the huge transition to Middle.

Thanks all for reading and for any insight you might have!


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Rather than requesting an interim eval to see if dyscalculia or SDL in math is present, my suggestion is to request that the triennial is moved up.  I think things are cleaner this way.

Meanwhile, I'd keep a log of what you see.  Note down how much you help her with homework, how long things take her to do, write out what she says like 'I don't remember the reacher going over this' or 'I forget how the teacher said to do this' along with the date & the assignment.

Ex:  10/11/22.  Chapter 2.4 1-8, 10, 12, 14.  Started at 3:30, finished at 4:15.  Redirected her to look at 4-7, 12 & 14.  'This doesn't look like the problems we did in class.'

My guess is 11 math problems shouldn't take 45 minutes - should be 20-30 minutes.  This provides data on her struggles as well as the type of problems she had problems with.

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