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Gen Ed Teacher Excusal with No Gen Ed Teacher on the Team--Curious if this is normal




This is the 5th IEP meeting I've had and the first time this has come up: my daughter is placed in a full-day special education environment (no general education teacher), and I've been asked to sign an IEP excusal for the "general education teacher." But, my daughter does not have a gen ed teacher now or ever on her team. 

I'm just curious -- is this typical IEP protocol? 

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Rules like this vary from state to state.  I'm pretty sure in my state, PA, that a gen ed teacher would only be required if the topic was moving your child to gen ed for some amount of time.  So, no, this isn't typical.  (It might be CYA on the part of the school because they were found to not have this when it was needed.  IMO, you shouldn't hesitate to sign this.)

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