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Who pays for all the minor stuff?

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Not a current situation I'm in, just going through the thoughts of theoreticals from a Reddit thread. I know what the school pays for any aides, technologies, etc. But what about the smaller things? Like, if students are supposed to get rewards to help with goals, or have wiggle chairs or chair bands? In the Reddit conversation, teachers were complaining about having to buy those with their personal money, but I've also never heard of those being paid for via the IEP.

I hate the idea of teachers having to pay for everything, but to some extent it feels like paying for some of it is just part of the job expectations. Or are parents supposed to send those in?

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My understanding is that it would have to be explicitly stated in the IEP how these would meet a goal and the school is only obligated to pay for what meets a goal.

Usually I see the parents sending the prizes or snacks to the school, unless the plan ties already into a management system the teacher is already funding herself.

If the alternative seating is specifically defined in the IEP as necessary, the school would pay for it. If not, it'd be whatever alternative seating is available.

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A lot of what you mention fall under OT & the school OT should have a budget to buy things like this.  (I can see a parent sending in food rewards.)  An IEP is a document and documents don't have a budget.  The LEA is the member of the IEP team who OKs what goes into the IEP & thereby OKs school funds being spent on things like this.  If the IEP says a child needs fidgets or a band on their chair legs, the school should pay for the item & the teacher should ensure it's there & in working order.

If a teacher thinks a student might benefit from a wiggle seat or chair bands and wanted to try this, IMO, they should ask the OT if they have a spare before going out & buying things.  Teacher are known to spend their meager paycheck trying to do what's best for their students.  I'm not sure if they can ask to be reimbursed for things like this.  (Our PTO gives each teacher funds to make purchases at their discretion.  Not all schools do this.)

Books have been written about the inequity and lack of school funding.  IMO, the back to school supply list should not include sanitizing wipes or tissues or dry erase markers but this is often the case as schools don't supply these (and I feel they should).

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