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School out of compliance with IEP?



We had a lot if issues last year at school when my DD was in 4th grade. We got her IEP down to spending most of her time in the resource room (special education) with an hour in gen ed, and specials. She's an elopement risk, and they refused 1:1 so I settled for this. 

5th grade started a couple of weeks ago. Her resource teacher called to give me an update, and I asked about her schedule because DD had said she was spending her day in gen ed. Well the teacher said that she spends most of her day in gen ed, and when I pointed out what the IEP says, she said that if she enjoys her time and is okay, she is going to let her go into the gen ed for as long as she wants.

I'm incredibly happy she is doing good in gen ed right now. It might not be that way in a couple of months (she usually does good at the beginning of the year, and then we have issues the rest of the year), but I do want her to get as much time there as possible. My gigantic issue is, there was no meeting. Her IEP hasn't been changed. They have changed her placement without the IEP team meeting and without my input. While I do think it is a good thing for her to be able to spend more time in gen ed, I don't think it is good that I now have to wonder if I can trust her teacher to keep me updated and in the loop without changing her placement or other IEP accomodations/modifications all willy nilly/ not following the IEP. We do have an IEP meeting coming up next month, which I had to call about because it is due September 30th. 

I like her teachers this year. I like the resource teacher. I just want to be able to trust them. 

How can I go about approaching this subject without sounding like a crazy person? 

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I think you should definitely address this.  My main concern would be the elopement risk.  Now that she is in gen ed for more than one hour, are they addressing this issue in the new environment?  It's one thing for a general education teacher to make sure an elopement risk student is safe for one hour; it's a whole other thing when it's six or so hours.  (And what about lunch and recess and specials?  I'm gong to assume those have been taken care of in the IEP...)

I wouldn't want to wait until the scheduled IEP meeting in September (unless it's scheduled for early in the month).  You need some assurances immediately about her safety.

I would approach the subject (and a request for a meeting ASAP) in the same manner that you worded this post.  How much you like all the teachers, are happy she's can be in gen ed more, but due to past experiences, you are fearful this will not last and want to make sure the teacher is prepared for the possibility of elopement.  You also want to request that you be notified of any placement changes in the future prior to implementation - just so it can be discussed with you ahead of time.  Stress the safety issue - schools shouldn't think a parent is "crazy" for wanting to make sure their child is safe.

Soft language can be used now.  But if that doesn't work, I am happy to draft some stronger language for you!  🙂

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