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My son is 12 in middle school at a public charter school in kcmo. He has ADHD and asd. Before this year he's not had homework. He's now in 6th grade and it's middle school. So a lot of teachers and Now homework. I'm confused why I just got the email today and some assignments are due tomorrow and the assignments really aren't described very well. And it's only 3 assignments. But Jude is in executive dysfunction and change freak out. Like he swears one of the assignments is 7 paragraphs. But from the email it seems simpler then that. I emailed the teacher to get a better description. I emailed his homeroom teacher and sped teacher and explained the issues and some ideas that they can do and I plan on doing to help him. Like writing a list on paper of the assignments and when I get a better description of them I'll write down steps. I am asking he get extra time to do assignments in his IEP and if I have to I'll argue and fight for 50% work. I'm figuring for an iPad to type things out because he's complained for weeks he's having trouble because of his difficulty writing. He had 4 years of it but his hand writing isn't the greatest. This school is super academic and Jude learns a lot. But it is a whole lot. I believe in Jude and I believe in his team of teachers and I'll work hard with him. Does anyone have any suggestions to help?

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It really should be on the school to make sure he's got the assignments listed in some sort of assignment book with sufficient detail so he can do the homework.  My son's IEP had the teachers checking his assignment book...until the teachers were required to post assignment on Schoology and he stopped using the assignment book.  You need an IEP meeting so the school can figure out what's the right thing that's needed to help him organizing his assignments.

It seems like the AT evaluation he had to figure out what device he needs to get written work done is no longer sufficient given the increased workload he has in MS.  IMO, the AT eval needs to be redone so he can be rematched to something else where he can deal with the additional writing.  Has he been assessed for dysgraphia?  It's more common in people with ADHD/ASD.  They might not have assessed this where the school/IEP isn't supporting all the areas where he needs support.

You need to step back.  The IEP should be supporting what he needs to get done for school.  (I know you don't want him to fail because it's on you to pick up the pieces should that happen.)  You need to work with the school to get the IEP where it supports all his needs so that you can be a parent and not his paraprofessional/tutor because the IEP isn't FAPE.

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As you work with the team on accommodations for the homework, you need to know what the function of the homework is. If it's to demonstrate knowledge, can he do that another way?


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