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Teacher Rating Scales


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Are the completed teacher rating scales viewable under FERPA? Scales were only given to one teacher who spends far less time with my child and school refuses to reissue observation scales to the teacher present for a longer duration of the school day with my child. (Note my child splits classrooms so neither teacher is present with the other one.)

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Not only viewable, but they should send you the results!

As for only being given to one teacher, every teacher rating I have ever seen has had at least three teachers complete one.  Behavior isn't my area of expertise, so I don't know if more than one teacher is a requirement, but maybe someone else can speak to that.  Seems like you could argue it isn't a complete picture/evaluation.

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They cannot be copied due to being copyrighted so you would have to go there & look them over.  They tend to be shredded after the results are tallied so act quickly.

IDEA requires multiple measures to determine present levels.  This might be parents & one teacher doing rating scales.

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