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The IDEA requires students 14 and over to be invited, but it does not require their participation.  I don't know what state you are in, so you might check you state department of education's website to see if your state has any such requirements (or just call the special education division).  If the school keeps insisting on her attendance, as for the WRITTEN school district policy on this.  I'm guessing they won't have one.

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My daughter stayed for a bit & left.  I'd want to see the school's written policy that she has to stay for the whole meeting.  What happens if she doesn't?  Does she get Saturday school like what happens with cutting class?  IMO, it should be her choice just like it's your choice of you attend her IEP meetings or blow them off.

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They should always participate to the maximum extent possible

That might be 5 mins in the beginning. Sending a note or recording a video.

But self advocacy skills need to be developed, and she's the most important person on the IEP team.


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