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Dallas DOWN SYNDROME ADVOCATE, LLC located in Dallas, Texas is dedicated to educating families by equipping them with the training and information they need to successfully navigate the special education system. We are advocates for inclusion and persistent in getting the services and resources your student needs to succeed in the classroom.

*IEP Review and Reform: We will ensure your IEP (Individual Education Program) is well written, has accurate present levels of functioning, academic performance, and measurable goals; verifying that the appropriate services and supports are in place to meet those goals.

*ARD Representation: We will not only draft formal letters, responses, and written requests to school and district officials to obtain information or services on behalf of your child, we will be present to assist you at the actual ARD (Admissions, Review and Dismissal) meeting.

*Educational Records & Classroom Placement: We will review and provide feedback on your educational records including but not limited to: assessments, report cards, IEP, goals, emails, observations, etc. ensuring proper support and placement of your student in the classroom.


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