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Therapy evaluation denied

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I requested during the open house for my daughter to be reevaluated for speech therapy.  I hadn't heard anything from the teacher so I recently asked about it. She dated that the speech therapist talked to my daughter and looked at the prior eval and said there still was no need for her to have therapy in school. My daughter is hard to understand at times even for myself and my husband, but she will repeat herself until we understand. My question is, do I push for a full evaluation to be done even if they don't WANT to do it? She is getting therapy outside of the school. I want to make sure she is able to be better understood as she gets older, she is 15 now. 

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Create a paper trail.  Email the teacher & cc the SLP.


I'm waiting for the Permission to Evaluate form from the school since I requested an evaluation for speech  verbally.  We have a hard to understanding XX & feel she should qualify for speech therapy services once the evaluation is complete.

I'm looking to help move this forward.


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I like the above. 

I once wrote a request for a speech evaluation in pencil on the back of my kid's reading test (the teacher had been reading with her and was the one to think "this might be more than a cute kid speech quirk" and left a note on said test.

But if they're being weird a more formal letter should be better.

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