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IEP and medical issues

Crystal P


Hello, first I want to say thank you to anyone who is taking the time to help me with this question.

State we are in is California.

Two years ago my daughter was diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, generalized anxiety and learning disabilities. She was placed in a therapeutic day school through an IEP from the school district. 

One month ago she has had medical issues that doctors have not been able to identify. We currently have a doctors note asking for home hospitalization for two months to give us time to find out what is going on. My daughter gets overwhelmed very easily and doctors appointments and school at the same time causes them to shut down and have severe anxiety.

We had an IEP meeting on Friday to discuss how to best support her. Because she is struggling to participate in any way with online classes or individual therapy through the school. They suggested to pull her out of the therapeutic day school and put her on home hospice school through the school district. If we do this there is no guarantee when she is feeling better that there will be a spot open at the therapeutic day school for her to go back to.

We have a doctors appointment with a new specialist on Thursday and have asked the school for time to make a decision based on the appointment.

I am looking for some advice on how to proceed with this situation. Is there any way we can keep her in the current school while we are figuring out her medical issues?

Kindest regards,



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Unfortunately, no. Placements are not required to hold a spot. Once a child's placement changes, that spot opens up.

I would just focus on the here and now--figuring out her medical issues and supporting her here and now, today.

Cross that other bridge when you get to it.

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To hold a spot, the sending school would need to pay this other school's tuition while they also provide homebound schooling.  Schools don't have the funding to do this.  I feel it is reasonable for the school to give you a bit of time to weigh the pros & cons of moving forward with homebound schooling.

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