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Home and Hospital vs Independent Study while duing IOP




My 9th grade daughter just started a virtual IOP.  It requires 3 hours of group therapy 3 times per week plus 1 hour individual per week. She has an IEP for her OCD, and anxiety.  She has been very school avoidant on and off for the past 2 years.  Does anyone have any thoughts on Home and Hospital vs Independent Study while completing an IOP?  The school is  supportive and understands  she needs to focus on her mental health first.  We also need to come up with a plan along with her therapist before determining when and how much school to add back to her schedule.  The school is recommending Independent Study because she can do 4 classes instead of Home and Hospital which they say still requires 8 courses.  4 classes sounds much better but I know the main high school staff will no longer be responsible for her so I do wonder if that was part of the reason they suggested independent study. Any thoughts?

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Around here home/hospital has a teacher coming to you for ~5 hours/week.  I think it's limited to 12 weeks (rule in my state - might be different where you live).  You might want to talk to the school & see how much instruction they will provide, what the hours are (it's often after school) and if they have available teachers.  Independent study should be more flexible.

Taking 4 classes sounds like the better option as it'll be hard for her to focus on both school & the IOP.

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