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Settlement Agreement and Child protection




We have entered into a settlement agreement through the end of 2024-2025 school year . As part of the agreement, we are not able to see any form of educational services with the sole exception of extra-curriculars and sports.

I understand that with our agreement we waive, release, and forever discharge any and all claims and/or demands of any kind, asserted or that could have been or could be asserted, whether known or unknown until the agreement ends for FAPE, IDEA, 504, ADA. 

Our son, while involved in athletics was subjected to discrimination, harassment, public humiliation, emotional abuse including silent treatment, gaslighting, harsher imposed punishments than other athletes by the coach. I communicated my concerns for safety of all athletes exposed and the severe emotional toll it has taken upon our son, to  the athletic department with no recourse, except that our son has been terminated from the athletic team. 

I didn’t realize we would be in such a position that I’m not sure we have any protections for our son to disclose the abuse and violations. 

Has anyone had a similar situation? I know I must hire an attorney, but I’m looking for some initial advice and just emotional support from others who may have been in my shoes. 


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I think you need a lawyer.  You signed the non-disclosure.  Your child is a minor and as a minor is incompetent to sign a contract (I learned this in business law class).  There might be things he can disclose that you cannot.

This does sound like it could be retaliation for - I'm assuming you sued the school to get the settlement - suing the school.  The thing it, this will be hard to show in a court that this was the cause of the coach's actions.  Your post makes me wonder what is going on during the academic activities you cannot be at.

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