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Iep eval result meeting



lisa I had sent a messege before but I didn't recive answer yet!


My son he is in 4th grade. We faught for his right the whole time. On 2021 we did 1 whole day in KKI and they diagnosed him with ADHD, AUTISM, MATH DISORDER AND LANGUAGE DISORDER. because he is behind in language a lot of ti.es he has hard time to express his thoughts, his talks, etc...


On November 2023 we asked the school to eval him earlier this year because he got D, E in reading and comprehension. So they did and next week the eval result meeting on 28th. From the eval they said he can read fluentley . I know but he can understand! He can write 14 sentences but they are not supportive from the comprehension so he can the full mark. He can do multiplication numbers yes or read the analog watch yes but he has a problem to do multistep math word and comparing different fractions a lot of time einy miny mo. They are trying to make his level so high and I have the feeling that they are trying to kick him. He is really low in speech and also he is taking social service . What to do I need help .


My husband doesn't want to let advocate be with us just to not let the school be mad on us. But I do not want them to kick him from the service speacially he is taking speech with 2 kods they are with him in service since 1st grade and they can talk more and brighter than him . I have no clue how they still keep the service without being out as this school I feel they try so hard to kick kids out of IEP when they 4th grade. Also school denied that he has autism I think to not give him any service. What to do!

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Reading fluency looks at a student's ability to decode words.  Once he's decoded something, can he answer questions about what he read?  This is how to test comprehension.  Did they do this?  (You can look up Scarborough's Reading Rope to see what goes into reading proficiently.)

If his reading comprehension is poor, word problems are going to be difficult for him because he won't understand what he's read.  How does he do with listening comprehension?  If someone reads to him, does he understand?  If he does, he can use this as an accommodation to access math word problems.

Lots of people have problems with fractions.  This is a great example:  https://www.cbc.ca/radio/undertheinfluence/how-failing-at-fractions-saved-the-quarter-pounder-1.5979468

Has the school looked at pragmatics?  In students with ASD, this is often an area of need that the school doesn't look at.  It could also be why he does poorly with comprehension...and expressing his thoughts.  An evaluation will show how far behind he is which should help him keep his IEP.

Social skills is another area that students with ASD are not great at.  Is this what you mean by social services?  Social services are generally like talk therapy which he might have difficulty with if he has issues with pragmatics.

This explains why the school didn't say autism:  https://adayinourshoes.com/autism-whats-the-difference-between-medical-and-educational-diagnoses/

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They said in reading's needs shenoud recLled less ideas about the story when it becamr longer in length or more difficuilt to read! 

For writing they said he got B's his needs he wrote appropriate sentences but did omit details to recive full credit for his response!

For math they said he got scored 83% and 100 % on math checkpoints . His needs hr didn't know how to reduce a fractiin or how to solve an equation with a variable on the math fluency . He missed problems in elepsed time, a multistep problem involvingmore than one operation, using a map scale and finding the median number on the matrics subtest and he made errors with multi step patterns! 

For the communication they said he is falling relly behind and he needs to continues to require special education service for the speech . But for academic he is not eleigable!

My husband is saying at least they will give him speech and social group. But my idea with all what you wrote about his needs you considerd him he is reading fluentley and he is ok or avarage to his grade! I have no idea how come!

Also they wrote in the comprehensivr evaluation review is a specific disabilty being considered they marked no so what is the ADHD you said or the autism they marked !

I just need to ask about this ? 

What do you think? And your opinion. Thanks 

Also is your advocate course inclhding the maryland's special needs  law or no?

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