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Found out during IEP that FBA was performed by one teacher



I know that the school staff of various areas can come to collaborate for an FBA, but what happens when you find out only one teacher did the assessment (she did say other teachers sent her their observations).  Furthermore, these teachers have had my son since August 2023 and don't know how to provide sensory integration or any other ASD key points).  They don't even know what is normal for an autistic kid.  They put in his PLAAFP, "When he has a bad day (inaudible sounds, laughing, mischievous grin) he attempts to run."  Those are behaviors of an autistic child with no executive function.   So they are considering him to be bad when he is being autistic????  They transition 7 times a day like the rest of the school and when I expressed it was too much, they said that he'll be fine... but he's not.  He is more aggressive and defiant.  So back to the topic... If these teachers haven't been able to get through to him since the beginning of school, should they people who don't know about autism be administering a FBA?  How do you make a plan of action when you have had to success the last 6 months?   They need support and an outside specialist to help, but will not. I asked for a formal FBA with someone else and they say I must wait until the annual ARD/IEP.  Then school will be over.  I want to pull him out of school now and home school0, but don't know if that is the best path.  I is nonverbal and cant tell me what happens at school. any advice?  

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So, there's a lot going on here.

First, I can only reply based on what you've posted--so I don't know what you have in you, as far as mental energy to fight this. I know that many of us, in addition to raising children with significant disabilities, have other challenges at work, with our aging parents and so on.

But--here are your options and some stuff to read.

1. Sounds like your FBA was just complete garbage. You gave the school a chance to get it right, and they didn't, so you may want to consider an IEE.



2. No, you do not need to wait until the ARD or annual review date for evaluations. A parent can request evaluations or changes to an IEP at any time. If they refuse you your request, they are required to provide you with a PWN.


3. Homeschooling is always an option. Weigh all the pros and cons.



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Thanks, I wrote that late last night and am horrified by my mistakes. You understood me well, though, and I appreciate your response.  I am definitely looking into home schooling at least the rest of this school year. I had him transfer to that school because they HAD a good reputation.  Many of them are new to teaching in the SPED dept., and although I'm compassionate to that (you got to start somewhere),  this is my son.  They could have reached out to the district, but I'm guessing they were hoping it would work itself out... but it didn't.  Will I be able to re-enroll in him in the fall to our zoned school after pulling him out?  Anything is better than the cartoons and coloring sheets he has been doing at his current school.  Yes, you heard me right.  This has been a not-so-good first year of high school.  I feel I had a successful IEP (to determine standardized testing, not annual) with the help of an advocate and the information from you website. I was able to ask to them what they had planned differently to accommodate him after spring break, but they said they had nothing and asked ME for suggestions! And they DID try to gaslight me... apparently I am to blame for keeping him home after a meltdown, but they had nothing in place to make sure it wouldn't happen the next day.  I'm not dropping my kid off for more of the same.  That's why I can't take him back.  I will checkout your info on homeschooling.  I am able to do it right now, but he likes going to school so I will need to find one that is knowledgeable and better equipped for his needs.  I wish I could afford a private school. Thanks again

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