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504 changes violations, school issues, board questions



Good Morning, 

My son has a 504, that I fought very hard for during elementary school. I bought a home on the Southside of town less then a mile from the Middle school. Actually on the same road as the middle school, and before the yr began the board decided to change the the school line. Placing us 20min from home I fought it hard. You see I have cancer so there are obstacles I wanted my son to be able to get himself TO/FROM school w/out worry to be close he also has medical issues ADD,ODD,EXTREME ANXIETY DISORDER and PTSD after being assaulted daily by a volunteer in 1st grade for months on end. It’s taken 6yrs a day treatment program 4seassons a month counseling for 3 yrs then 2 a month for 3 yrs for him to be ready for school and this was where we prepared for. I took it all the way to the school board and even with my SSDI my sons issues followed by his psychiatrist stating it was in the best mental emotional interest for my son to stay close to home when attending school. Along with his 504 it still was denied. Now we are at a school where when he has an anxiety attack they don’t even have a safe room room for him to go to so he goes into the boys bathroom the entire class. Iv asked for 3 semester still no safe room, when he misses for a week at a time NO ONE PROVIDES HIS MISSED WORK, even when I ask for it in November I had Covid my son missed 2.5 weeks no on mailer any homework then either. This school called an IEP meeting a week into the yr trying to eliminate his IEP asking me to explain it because they didn’t see anything wrong with him. When I went down to the school board and asked for a copy of his 504 I was told I should have it in my email if I can’t find it after looking come back and then maybe they can find it. When they held the 504 meeting they gave me half a days notice on the day I had daycare drop off of my daughter knowing I neeed notice so I had to login via zoom she sent me a link to a video download that took me 30 min when I had 15 then the phone join number was wrong this councilor did everything in her power to make me look incompetent. When I got in through the phone I had asked previously for a rep to be present and my sons psychiatrist to be invited because she wanted to be included. Neither were apart of the meeting. I also was not provided my parent booklet. Since Iv received my son’s student file which was missing so much information almost as if someone picked and chose what they wanted in there and took out the truths.. so my sons record had a lot of incomplete mistakes misinformed, documents which was frustrating. Then there it was… I was extremely frustrated when I went into the 504 meeting and heard her start reading off his request because they were honest B.s. like NONSENSE LIL things. And I knew they were NOT what I just spent over a yr fighting for. After what he had gone through in elementary school. But how could I possibly explain that… that was till I found the original. So in his student file barred in the mess I found one copy of his real 504. 

I guess my question is .. Who is allowed to make changes to a 504 plan without first notifying the mother of these changes??? Is that legal because my son’s 504 plan has been completely ultered??? Also what do you do when a school cares more about truancy then actually following the rules of a 504 plan??

Right now my son said he has one teacher who continues to deny him to leave to take his test he has it on his 504 plan granted extra test taking time, in a quite are outside of the classroom area ? This teacher is violating his 504 plan and telling him he is not special Ed well his 504 states he qualifies for special Ed but on it also says at that time they felt he did not need it with extra amenities (yet did not add those onto that on yet removed them from his original 504 plan)
or the fact that the school doesn’t provide a place for the kids with anxiety disorder ptsd, odd, who only have 504 or IEPS ?? So they’re left to find places like hiding in the unsanitary floors of the building’s baths 

how about the fact that the staff doesn’t account for there children? My son sat in the bathroom for one class period every day he attended for two semester almost 3 and the principal never new a thing. the counselor said she would change that class then didn’t and my son would experience extreme anxiety while in her classroom 

Now my son is dealing with Bullying from a white kid due to the fact that his best friend is Black. My son gets constant threats to fights and he is a big kid but an even bigger softie. Last night he was sobbing hyperventilating over kids being so mean not understand why when he goes up to a kid and says hi to be there friend they’re mean and it always ends up in a do you want to fight he can not handle it. 

WHAT DO I DO.. cause I know by the way the school has handled everything else that they literally won’t handle this just burst it off or make it worse. 



Thank You

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You asked a lot and I don't have a lot of time to cover everything.  Parents are not required members of the 504 team.  The school can change a 504 w/o a parent being there/parent input.  Students w/ an IEP are not special ed - they do not get specially designed instructions - only accommodations like a quiet place to take tests and extended time.  If the 'quiet place' for testing doesn't meet your child's needs, have them come with you to the 504 meeting and have him state what will work for him and let that be specified in the 504.

A safe place to calm down should be a place that's supervised by an adult so the bathroom wouldn't be a good place.  Bullying can be addressed with a Gebser Letter.  A student with a 504 is a disabled student & disabled students do have extra protection under the law.  Non-compliance with the 504 is a civil right violation and can be reported to the Office of Civil Rights.  I've been told it's easy to file a formal complaint.

Teacher should take attendance every class period so students who are cutting class for whatever reason are accounted for.  If I had to guess, I'd request that your child be assessed for pragmatics.  This sounds like a good part of his issue with not getting along with people & not making friends.  I feel your child might be masking at school so they don't get bullied as much so the school doesn't see all that's going on with him.  Has the school documented his anxiety disorder ptsd, odd and add?

Lastly remember this:  If it's not in writing, it didn't happen.  Email what you are seeing so it's documented.  Under FERPA, you are allowed to clarify your child's school records.  (My district does not make attendance exceptions either.  Students go to their assigned school.)

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