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Transfer to another school district

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If we talk to another school district about transferring our child to them, will they go back and talk to our current school district? 

Is transportation covered? They have IEP with transportation currently. 

We are considering transferring our child to another school district due the school not meeting our child's learning and disability needs (mainly due to them not wanting to meet them as they are known for not accepting kids with special needs). I hate to do it as is a pretty far distance from where we live,  but we've had so many problems and have filed a complaint. But how they are treating our child is affecting them emotionally, which is why we are looking at transferring next school year as this one is almost done.

Or recommendations on how transferring works with kids with IEPs?

Thank you

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Usually what occurs (but you might check with your state department of education), assuming you can give the new school district a copy of the current evaluation and IEP, they must provide comparable services to what is listed in the current IEP until they either accept this prior IEP or develop and implement a new IEP.  If they do not agree the current evaluation report, they must initial a re-evaluation.  During the the time the re-evaluation is being conducted, the school district must implement the current IEP or provide comparable services.  Bottom line:  There should be no gap in services until and if the new school district has data supporting removal of the services.

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This would be a no in my area.  You pay taxes to your local district.  They are responsible for your child's education.  There would need to be a contract between these 2 districts for this to happen.  In most cases - no make this almost all cases - you would need to move to the other district for them to educate your child.

If open enrollment is available in your area and this is the mechanism that allows your child to attend another district, look at the rules for open enrollment.  I'd assume they would be available on a website.

If your child is experiencing emotional abuse due to how they are being treated by their en loco parentis, I would think this would be grounds to have your child's placement changed but the vehicle to do this is a lawsuit/due process which is not fast nor inexpensive.  (I'm not aware of case law that sets a precedence for this.)

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21 hours ago, charlette said:

I transferred my child to a different school district for online school.  Our home district wouldn't support his higher needs.  Do your research first.

In PA where I live, online schools are not associated with school districts unless the district has their own online school.  These schools are chartered by the state and anyone in the state can attend.

In other words, you cannot transfer to the online school another district has but you can go to the other in-state cyber schools.  Rules definitely vary by state.

To answer the OP's question.  The transfer deadline is 1/15.  If you want to transfer for fall 2025, you might be able to.  This has info:  https://education.mn.gov/MDE/fam/open/index.htm  The links on this page look to have additional info - I didn't open them.  Your question about transportation for special ed isn't specifically addressed - it does say that families transport most of the time.  This might be an exception.

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