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PWN Question

Chelsea Wood


Hello! I am very excited to be part of this group! I tend to over think things and I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around the PWN. We have an IEP meeting next week and I am not looking forward to it.😬

1. My parent Concerns letter has things listed such as requesting all her needs that are listed on the Impact of Disability and Student Needs page from IEP draft carries over on PLAAFP page, adding social/emotional goal and reading goal, additional OT services minutes, FBA, and updated evals. If I get denied, do all of those items go on PWN? (The reason I want to know is because the district told me once in the very beginning, they don't do PWN if parent requests additional speech services minutes and school says no. And they have tried to say, I don't need PWN before because they didn't "deny" anything.)

2. Is it correct to say that, for the most part with big changes to IEP, parents get PWN for any request they made and was denied by the school? So when we ask something be added or changed, the team will discuss it and either add it or won't add it. If they decide to not add it, does it get put on PWN? 



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Per the way IDEA is written, if you ask for a reading goal (and services to meet the goal) this should go on the PWN if the school says no.  If they say yes, I don't think PWN is required.  If you are asking for more of the same service your child already gets, what you are asking doesn't seem to fit with something that needs a PWN.  (I feel how much of something falls under 'professional judgement' and they have the professionals to determine this.  If there is no progress with the service, then you have data that something different is needed & that might be worthy of going in PWN.)


My district would write out the PWN before the meeting.  Not sure what crystal ball they have where they know what we might discuss & I might ask for for my child.

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