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I didn't see it coming but maybe I should have...

TN Mom


Several weeks ago and again within the past few weeks,  I found it necessary to file administrative complaints with the state Department of Education regarding what I now refer to as deliberate indifference pertaining to the continued struggle to ensure that the most basic of our student's IEP accommodations were consistently implemented.  

Our child has a 3.85 gpa and is ranked in the top ten percentile of his class.

That would assuredly warrant an academic achievement award, right??? 🤔


For the first time in four years, the answer is a resounding No!

Mea culpa? 


So disappointing...


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Are you inferring retaliation?  Ask for the policy/standards for determining academic achievement awards.  (It's hard to say just knowing the GPA and percentile ranking, as I'm sure every school has different standards and there are all different types of "achievement awards.")   If your son meets any of those and didn't receive an award, there's your grounds for retaliation.

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