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IEP to 504 and back again?


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I'm hoping someone has had some experience that might be helpful.  My son had an IEP, and was doing well and was transitioned to a 504.  

His diagnosis are DMDD (mood d/o) and ADHD.  His original IEP had more to do with his mood dysregulation than his ADHD, though there were related accommodations.  He is currently in a cyber charter, and is really struggling with executive function related tasks.  Especially getting assignments in.

I am requesting an evaluation to reconsider transitioning to an IEP, but am wondering if anyone has any experience, tips, thoughts on the best way forward?



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You need to start from the beginning with having evals in 'all areas of suspected disability' to get a new IEP.  The sooner the school gets your written/email request, the sooner the eval timeline clock starts.  Another option is to include the teacher prompting him to get assignments in as an accommodation on his 504.  (If this doesn't work, it might provide data that an IEP is needed.)

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